Wednesday, August 13, 2003

THE CASE AGAINST HARRY TRUMAN: Gene Healy links to this really fascinating mock-prosecution of Harry Truman as a war criminal. I side with the prosecution, as I consider the massacre of hundreds of thousands morally indefensible, even if at the same time it's this really horrible event that came to dominate the latter half of the 20th century and I can't imagine life without it, without knowing that ever post-apocalyptic story I've ever read or watched has its roots in an actual event. Like, would we fear The Bomb if The Bomb had never been used? Well, hopefully. But even if we didn't--that wouldn't justify the massacre. It's another justification, like the whole "the Bomb saved lives" bullcrap.

I always thought DC should do an Elseworlds where The Spectre--the avenger of mass murders--runs wild after Hiroshima. But that's just me.

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