Monday, March 29, 2004

A PATHETIC DEFENSE OF DUKE: By Phil Taylor, right here. Yes, they graduate their kids on time and they win a lot. So what? Their fans are still the biggest pricks in all of college basketball. That's what truly sets them apart. I mean--I hate the way they play. I hate the forced nature of their celebrations which are merely for show and for intimidation purposes, never the heartfelt expression of the joy of victory. I hate the way they press when they take a two point lead. I am full of negativity for the on-court style of the Duke Blue Devils. But these are all stylistic preferences. Their fans are true dickweeds, and that was the one thing Taylor left out of his defense, which is pretty convenient considering that's what cements Duke HATE! for most people. Not to mention it's on the poll next to his article. Give it up, Duke-lovers! America is against you!

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