Tuesday, January 11, 2005

IDEA FOR A CHEAP INDY TAG TEAM GIMMICK: Rush Painkiller and Falafel O'Reilly. They'll be this real blowhard right-wing tag team that'll get on the mike and go on and on about their moral superiority and how in touch they are with the common man. They'll work heel in the blue states and face in the red states. Well, pro wrestling is probably a red state artform, so maybe they'll always work quasi-face. But--if they do draw a blue state audience--that audience will understand the cheap insults in their names, whereas the red state audiences will forgive them their transgressions.....or be insulted at the very idea of wrestlers named "Rush Painkiller" and "Falafel O'Reilly" and walk out in a huff. Red or blue, though, they'll agitate the rubes, and keep the gate receipts pouring in, which is always the important thing in pro wrestling.

You could do a left-wing version but it wouldn't be as funny. Actually, I think I just wanted to write "Falafel O'Reilly," amazed as I am that some people still take him seriously. Carry on then.

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