Saturday, July 16, 2005

BSG "SCATTERED" THOUGHTS: You know--I was worried they were going to shove Sharon out the airlock. But not I'm thinking, if they do do that, it gives us a perfect chance to do a Cylon's-eye-view of stuff, as she'd just wake up in a new body somewhere. Maybe with her human self intact and questioning the Cylon way. Of course, Tigh remembered that killing her doesn't kill her just in time, since he had all the flashbacks to help him out.

Yes--Tigh got all the flashbacks, so this was kind of the Tigh episode, even though they hit on every subplot: Baltar and Six, Kara hates Boomer, Helo loves Boomer, other Boomer hates herself, Tigh's wife wants to take over, the President is the world's craftiest politician, Lee has issues with Adama and Adama is almost dead. Tigh got all the flashbacks and they were during moments where maybe you would think moments where Adama did something relevant to the situation Tigh was in were. And clearly, Tigh was trying to do what he thought Adama would do. But he kept flashing back to scenes of his friendship with Bill, not to any particular thing Adama would do. So they ended up being more a measure of his affection for the man, which Tigh sort of translated into making the command decisions he's always been crappy at making. So he ended up channeling Adama's leadership due to the personal ties he'd established with him. I thought that was nice.

Helo must feel like a sucker at the end of that brief scene. I'm kind of a believer in complex internal Cylon emotional lives, at least in the human models, so I don't think they'll go down the road that she was only using him, and I can kind of see her leaving since Kara wants to kill her and all. Still--Kara told him so. And until preggers Sharon comes back, she's right.

Let's see. They had the obligatory extra-cast-member death. (The guy with the slicked-back hair. In Star Trek he'd wear red....) They went through a whole space battle without a single cut to a cockpit, explosion, scream--I guess their pilots are getting better. I'm enjoying the breakdown of team order on....whatever planet they're on, with Crashdown being clearly overwhelmed and at the same time not enjoying The Chief knowing a lot more about what to do than he does. The undercast continues to be great: Calley, Gaeta, Dee; Billy hanging around the President's cell was a nice touch. That medic whose name escapes me. I do hope they don't turn Gaeta Cylon--you can't recycle a subplot that quickly, methinks.

So it was a Tigh-tinged subplotarama but it clearly wasn't a letdown, which is what I was worried about. And I was amused by the sudden reappearance of the bridge officer from the miniseries. I guess he was in the bathroom all first season.

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