Thursday, September 01, 2005

BY THE WAY: CNN is kicking the other two newsnets' butts, if simply by virtue of having live overnight coverage. For instance, rogue Orleans Parish schoolbuses are showing up at the Astrodome posing as Superdome evacuees. (Which is, of course, a problem that will continue as long as everybody knows the Astrodome is a safe haven. They had footage earlier of people being turned away from the Astrodome simply because they weren't coming from the Superdome.) And only CNN has the story.

(And this nation really needs a better way to handle refugees than sticking them in obsolete domed stadiums. Still, if you're going to keep the Astrodome--and it's probably a historical landmark at this point--you should put it to good use.)

Besides, wouldn't you rather hear about a disaster from Aaron Brown than one of those wretched Fox partisans? Hey Brit Hume--nobody gives a flying fart what Cindy Sheehan thinks about the hurricane!

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