Wednesday, July 12, 2006

SUMMING UP L'AFFAIRE D'FRISCH: In its current form as of the evening of 7.12.06, before it degenerates into something even more idiotic, like Greenwald vs Patterico: Ann Althouse:

I agree Frisch has a big problem. She's the weakling who entered a drinking match with a man who can drink you under the table. She lost control. She paid the price -- a big one. Goldstein's you-talked-about-my-child move is a strong one, but it's a move nonetheless, made by a person who likes to play the game... hard. He's not a victim. He's one of the people who has advanced himself in the blogosphere by making it hostile and ugly. Like all of us, he is capable of being hurt by a genuine crazy. But why not just delete the trolls? Why rile them?Some of them really aren't playing with a full deck. Why push weak people until they lose control? It's an ugly game, and I think Jeff knows he plays it.

Via (I think) one of the interminable Sadly, No! threads on the subject. Feel my shame, oh Internets, for having followed this whole episode.

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