Monday, February 18, 2008

RIGHTWING NOISE MACHINE NEEDS REWRITES: Not this stupid Deval Patrick thing, which is from the leftwing noise machine (when even Cap'n Ed says something is bogus.....). It's even stupider! Both Hannity and Medved had these clips of an Obama audience member fainting on multiple occasions--not the same audience member, but a front-row audience member fainting at multiple rallies. Obama responds the same way at each fainting--interrupts his speech, asks people to give the fallen space, etc. And this was evidence of PERFIDY! The Obama campaign is planting fainting people! To make Obama look....umm....more like the kind of guy who cares about fainting people! Yeah! To me, this is evidence that Obama is kind of a rockstar, something your average rightwinger wouldn't know anything about since they weren't allowed to watch the Beatles in the 60s. (WHY DON'T THEY CUT THEIR HAIR???)

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