Tuesday, April 01, 2008

NCAAPOCALYPSE: To a certain kind of basketball fan--and I am of this kind--having a Final Four composed of all number one seeds, and not even interesting number one seeds (like the year St Joe's was one), is pretty much the worst possible outcome. I know it's interesting because it's never happened before, but this tournament isn't popular because it's predictable. (Predictable in the sense of higher seeds beating lower seeds--I know it's predictable in a bracketology sense.) It's popular because crazy stuff happens and very occasionally crazy stuff wins it all. It's not supposed to be an annual blue-chip program coronation process (though it turns out that way more often than not.)

At least freaking Duke is done. And hey, Memphis isn't that blue-chippy, certainly not compared to the other three. And Conference USA is barely a league! So go Tigers, I guess. Deny the entitled fanbases, please. Let me have some joy in this post-Stephen Curry tournament. (He's only a sophomore! They'll be back.)

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