Saturday, August 21, 2010

REMIND ME TO NEVER MAKE ANY VARIATION OF THIS ARGUMENT: The old "box office success = quality of a film" argument. It's tempting! When you're on Team My Favorite Movie Ever, it certainly is tempting to take satisfaction when that movie scores in the box office. That's your team! They represent you! It is good that they win. And yet there are countless films that involved Bay or Ratner that scored FLAWLESS VICTORIES in the box office. There are Boll movies that no one went to see. Actual human beings are watching Vampires Suck right now. Fictional human beings are spending their hard-earned Monopoly money to see Scott Pilgrim in droves (possibly displacing most of the actual human beings.) There is next to no relationship between quality and box office. There. I said it. (Qualifier because...I don't know why? I can actually imagine a pretty good movie that literally goes unseen, in theory. And in theory and in practice there are massive turds that have drawn audiences. So....)....yeah. There is no relationship between cinematic quality and box office. Poor K-Drum--I know he means well, and wants a fresh angle on the Scott Pilgrim disaster, and of course for those kids to get off his lawn, but this is an argument that just should never be employed. And yet it rises from its grave again! It's A ZOMBIE ARGUMENT ARRRFGHH KILL IT WITH FIRE

Ah, shame about the box office and all, but they got the whole story done, so whatever. It's awesome. Go see it! You'll be able to pick your own row and stuff.

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