Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LUCKILY I WAS ALREADY BOYCOTTING THE HUFFINGTON POST: Because it's unreadable and--you know--Arianna Huffington. But if you need to support the actual union-organized boycott, here's why you should. Good discussion in the comments too.

(Radley Balko never followed through on his threat/promise to take down his personal website, so there's still nothing forcing me to go there. And I get that there's no one forcing people to give their effort to Arianna for free, but no one's forcing Arianna to be all SOCIAL JUSTICE! all the time either so it's fair to call her on it. And as Erik Loomis pointed out, it is a way to at least get the bright serious youngsters of the "progressivesphere" (or as Moe Tkacik has termed it, the consensusphere) to at least talk about labor issues sometimes, even if they would never think of themselves as being laborers.)

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