Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WHAT WE'RE READING THIS VERY SECOND: Discussion about that Morrison interview where he calls out Millar, Moore and Ware. I'm more sympathetic to Morrison than any of the other three, at least creatively--Moore and Ware are more of a mixed bag than the straight awesome they're usually credited with, and Millar is Millar in the sense that Brett Ratner is Brett Ratner. Morrison isn't perfect either, but I do think he's less cynical than the other three. He also has a more vocal set of detractors than Ware and Moore, I feel like, which isn't particularly fail. (Millar's detractors are everywhere, and this is A Good Thing.)

Al Jazeera's Libya live blog.

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry's "Hey Ron Paul Fans: Hope You Know That If America Stopped Being The World's Policeman, America's Economy Would Collapse." In which our position as "benign, global military hegemon" is responsible for our economy remaining, umm, powerful (I wanted to say "awesome" but that probably isn't feasible.) An interesting argument at least.

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