Sunday, April 15, 2012

DEPT. OF PRESSING THE LIKE BUTTON ON COMMENTS MADE ON OTHER PEOPLE'S BLOGS: The entity known as "elm," a member of the LGM commentariat, offers the following on the "Corey Robin on Cory Booker" thing:

Yes, sure, but how do we know he didn’t set the fire to begin with just so he good [sic] save the woman? Answer me that, will you.
(Seriously, even if Booker had funded the fire department up the wazoo, do we think that it would have improved reaction time such that they got there before Booker, who lived next door? Once he saw the fire and knew someone was inside, what was he supposed to do? He did the brave–even heroic–thing, but we’re not supposed to applaud him because he’s not always as progressive as we would want? Really?)

Yeah, the Robin just struck me as the work of someone so focused on their own set of issues they can't even enjoy a good set of "CORY BOOKER IS CHUCK NORRIS" jokes in the aftermath of an elected American official saving a woman from a fire.

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