Monday, September 08, 2003

I LOVE THE IDEA OF THE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: The NFL team where the kicker is the gutsiest player:

"They stand there and they yell and scream at you. They did it at Buffalo. They did it at Miami in '99 and at Denver last year," said Vanderjagt, ticking off some of his previous game-winners as he slipped the game ball into a backpack in front of his locker. "I don't know when they're going to realize they should really be quiet and not mess with me.

"Game tied, six seconds left, that's exactly where I want to be."

The NFL team with kicker-quarterback controversy:

Before the final drive, Manning had the courtesy to ask Vanderjagt where he needed to be to kick the field goal. At the time, the kicker said, "Wherever you put it down, I'll make it."

Of course, the goodwill didn't last long. Later in the drive, though, Vanderjagt asked Manning to set him up on the left hash mark.

"So the next play, they throw an out to the right," Vanderjagt said. "They don't have a lot of concern for the kicker. I told him (Manning), 'Thanks, I just got done telling you I wanted it on the left hash.' He really irritated me with that. He said (offensive coordinator) Tom Moore was too focused on the next play to worry about what the idiot kicker wants to do."

Yes, Vanderjagt scored every Colt point yesterday, beating the Browns 9 to 6 all by his lonesome.

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