Monday, September 15, 2003

NFL GAME OF THE SUNDAY: Not that I saw it, but this Bucs/Panthers game looks like it was the drizzling snits. Three blocked kicks? Outright hatred? Plus a so-appropriate post-game Ric Flair moment:

"We shocked the world," defensive end Mike Rucker screamed on the field seconds after Kasay's kick. "To be the best, you've got to beat the best. We just beat the best."

Blood and guts:

"This was a heavyweight championship fight," safety Mike Minter said. "Ali and Frazier. Toe to toe.

"I really feel this football team is starting to understand that we're starting something special here."

Coming off the field and in the locker room, it looked as if the Panthers had been in a fight, as blood, sweat and tears flowed. Rucker was bleeding from his left elbow. General manager Marty Hurney's sweat-covered hair looked as if it had been covered by a helmet.

Defensive end Kavika Pittman appeared to have a few tears running down his cheeks as he was carted off after suffering what appeared to be a serious knee injury.

"I'm hurting in every joint possible," Rucker said. "I'm dog tired. That was tough. But I feel good. That's what we love to do."

If you had one of those horrid dishes, you were lucky, lucky person on Sunday.

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