Sunday, October 19, 2003

1918! CURSE! BUCKY DENT! BOONE! OH WAIT.....: Baltimaher points out something I noticed as well: a lot of Yankees fans wish they were still playing the Red Sox. I'd link to it, but the SportsFrog is a primitive creature, and has not evolved permalinks yet. He said:

I know the general American public isn't enamored with the World Series match-up. But even Yankee fans seem to want to play Boston some more. Visible on tonight's broadcast were 1918 t-shirts, and signs that read "Cowboy Down" and referred to "The Curse."

Memo to Yankee fans: Your team is playing the Marlins, not Boston. The Florida baseball franchise is not cursed. Their fans are not wearing cowboy hats. And your t-shirt should read "1997."

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