Wednesday, October 08, 2003

AFTERMATH OF GODZILLA VS. KING KONG, OR SOMETHING: Terry started off with trying to get Bill to talk about how much of his show is show business. He said none. Then they went into the Franken law suit for a while, things were strained but within the bounds of reasonable discourse. After the bottom-of-the-hour break (I think) Terry got Bill talking about his childhood and fighting his dad and his apparent agnosticism (he believes in God because the order of the universe seems to imply a God, and if God doesn't exist, it doesn't matter anyway, so you're better off believing in God; he has his bases covered, in other words.) When Terry tried to read him a People magazine review of his book that he made fun of on his show it triggered his "Time for my spiel about the liberal media being all against me" response, which he delivered, and then hung up on Terry. It was kind of like what I imagine it used to be like interviewing pro wrestlers when they had to act like they were engaging in legit competition--when they had to maintain kayfabe, as they call it. It's Bill O'Reilly's circus, folks, we're just the rubes buying tickets to the freak show.

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