Monday, April 19, 2004

THE GAME ONES OF THE FIRST ROUND OF THE NBA PLAYOFFS: Finished over the weekend. 8 home teams won, 8 higher seeds won.

Indiana over Boston: Probably will be a sweep. The scandal du Boston Celtics playoff series this year is that Jermaine O'Neal got dragged down by a Celtic who looked like he was sent out to git Jermaine. Eh, it's pathetic if true--the Celtics need to hurry up and lose, not drag out their losing.

Nets over Knicks: No contest. The story here was Jason Collins flagrant fouling Tim Thomas. Isiah swears revenge.

Spurs over Grizz: Another no contest. I don't think the Grizz are pulling off too many wins in their initial playoff series, as is to be expected.

Lakers over Rockets: A chaotic, enjoyable game, despite the low score (72-71). The Lakers look pretty discomboobalated at this point, and this crazy Van Gundian defensive intensity cannot be helping. But I can't imagine Cat Mobley holding back Kobe again. Pray for seven games with these teams. Tonight:Yao-Shaq X.

Pistons over Bucks: Gawd, the Wallace brothers look good together. And is Larry Brown encouraging Ben to dunk a lot more? It seems that way. When the Pistons smother a team like they did the Bucks yesterday, 'tis a thing of beauty.

Oh, and Darko made two unforced errors when he came in the game--two turnovers, I think. I should track this throughout the playoffs.

Sacto over Dallas: Bobby Jackson said he's definitely done for the playoffs today, so even if they get by the Mavs they have about as much chance of winning the title as the Heat do. There was a time when I would've really looked forward to this series, but at this point team both teams have really worn out their welcomes.

Miami over Hornets: Dwayne Wade is the Heat's go-to guy? Golly. Even more golly--he made the clutch shot in the end there, unlike his more heralded fellow rookies. This and Lakers-Rockets were the two really quality games this weekend in terms of an even level of competition.

Minny over Denver: Those cute li'l Nuggets will be taking their lumps in this series, it seems. Especially if Sam Cassell keeps pouring in the points. The acquisitions of Sam and Spree are looking really good right now, aren't they? I mean, even better than they had been, as I don't think those two are going to let the Wolves choke their way into first-round oblivion yet again.

Tonight: Spurs-Grizz at 8, Lakers-Rockets at 10:30. Both on TNT.

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