Tuesday, April 06, 2004

YOUR AS-IT-HAPPENS POST FROM IRAQ OF THE DAY: Raed in the Middle with a post you should read.

UPDATE: You should read this from Raed's mom (I think) as well. This part I found particulary interesting:

When did all of this tension start?
Maybe two week ago…
After the assassination of Sheikh Yassin of Hamas.
I think that was the spark that started everything…
People went out in the streets protesting and demonstrating againd Israel and The United States.
Some days after that, Muqtada AsSadr declared that he is the attacking arm of Hamas and Hizb Allah, and that he can take this responsibility.
And people applauded and clapped!
Then the American forces closed his journal, and surrounded his office.
There I think the crisis started.

UPDATE UPDATE: Still more you should read, this from zeyad. All thanks to MaxSpeak.

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