Monday, June 07, 2004

LOTS OF REAGAN STUFF OUT THERE: You should read Jesse Walker, and Nick Confessore busting on the Reagan-lovers. Atrios was proving with poll numbers that Clinton was, in fact, more popular during his presidency than Reagan was during his, so you could go there and check that out. But really, if you're reading this site you know where to go get the non-hagiographic Reagan remembrances. Which we could all do without. Be strong, lads, we must only last until Friday, and then John Kerry restarts his campaign.

Still in the glow of the Pistons' victory, while pretending I don't really care. Fearing the disappointment of the eventual Pistons collapse. But it's not like they fluked into that victory Sunday night. Tomorrow we shall see if it's simply a matter of the Lakers flipping the switch to "on" again, or if the long-noted inability of the Lakers to defend the pick-and-roll will be their undoing again.

That's all.

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