Sunday, February 28, 2010

MORE MEDAL COUNT DORKERY: Fourth Place Medal has their own goofy system, that also puts the U.S. on top. The system works! But they do silly things, like giving "marquee events" higher point values. Figure skating and hockey, I would get giving them higher point values, but not because they're marquee events--more because one person cannot Phelps the crap out of figure skating or hockey and win a bunch of medals. Alpine skiing should count a little less, right? All due respect to Lindsey Vonn's ability to sell Pantene, but we have within alpine skiing events where the same people can win multiple medals. Those medals have to be worth a little less! Whereas a curling medal should count for a lot, since there's only one set of medals. Of course a system that highly values curling and hockey might give Canada the overall victory. Let us never speak of this again. (Well, maybe I'll fool around with this at some point, in a fit of nerdity.)

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