Friday, February 26, 2010

SHORT TRACK IS A JUDGED SPORT WITH ELEMENTS OF RACING: So you gotta decide what's better for your medal chances--stay on your feet? Or go down and try to draw a DQ? It's strategy, baby. And it's sort of infuriating to watch, possibly even when it's your nation winning the medals. But definitely when Ohno gets a hand in and gets DQed and Hamelin gets two fingers in on Sung Si-Bak and gets gold. Look, I'm not bitching, honestly, I think just think this might be one of those permanently flawed Olympic sports. The winter taekwando if you will (not to pick on sports Koreans are good at. I mean I have no problem with archery. Who could?)

(This is all a reaction to this. We needed that medal to beat our Winter record, man.)

(Edit to add of course it is also wonderful when the race is relatively clean and nobody goes down and the American takes silver.) (Or even when the team gets bronze! Okay, we've officially broken our medal record by two, and I don't think anyone can catch us in the overall medal count.)

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