Wednesday, July 28, 2010

THE LATEST IN LOCAL DEAD TREE MEDIA: The Inquirer remembers one of the things you can't get on the Internet:

Beginning next Sunday, The Inquirer will make some important changes to the Sunday newspaper.

First, we have heard you loud and clear, and your favorite comics will return to full size in a four-page, reader-enhanced, color broadsheet section.
In addition, we've decided to change with the times as our readers' habits have changed. Because most television viewers now use their remotes to access up-to-the-minute schedules through their cable providers, we are discontinuing our Sunday TV section. However, the Sunday prime-time TV listings will move to the Sunday Arts & Entertainment section, while daily TV listings will continue to run in the features sections.

YES. Thank you, Philadelphia Inquirer, for acknowledging the twin realities that 1. a TV section in this day and age is a waste of paper and 2. there is no on-line equivalent to the broadsheet full color Sunday comics. (They had been sticking the Sundays in the back of a magazine-style foldover TV section. Wasn't great.)

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