Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SO CERTAINLY EVERYONE LOOKS BAD IN THIS SHIRLEY SHERROD THING: Except Shirley Sherrod, of course. Breitbart obviously looks worse than usual--I mean this time his creative edits were exposed in a matter of hours. But the Obama administration looks bad too for responding so quickly. You fire somebody to avoid a night of cable news talk? Ridiculous. Though I guess it worked in the sense that we're all talking about how wronged Shirley Sherrod was and not about how OMG REVERSE RACIST she is. It does sort of turn the tables on Breitbart, in other words, though I doubt that was the intent. And of course the NAACP looks bad for getting bamboozled hoodwinked snookered by Breitbart. But at least they owned up to it, unlike Vilsack and company. Yes, it was all Vilsack's decision, and the Obama administration supports it completely. Mmm-hmm.

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