Wednesday, February 27, 2002


"What the fuck is Voltron talking about? Is this some religious thing? Am I fucking being baptized by Voltron?" --get your voltr on

"So, as I understand it, I'm supposed to find time to read a whole bunch of other people's off the wall opinons and then write about how I agree or disagree with them and do the thingie so people who don't know what I'm talking about can click on it to see what I'm talking about. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!! and I'm sorry I'm yelling, but if I was to say I agreed with something Natalie Solent said, for instance, would other people write about how Stephanie agreed with Natalie but they disagreed and put things in so you could click on both of us? What does the next person do? Agree with the disagreement on the agreement? Is this some kind of internet click letter?" --Stephanie Dupont

"Once I witnessed the two sisters conversing about a party Zoe had given, at which she was outraged by the appearance of freshman girls -- 'and not ugly, dorky ones, either! Pretty ones!'

'And what exactly was the problem with that?' Wiseman asked.

'If you're gonna be in high school,' Zoe replied, with an attempt at patience, 'you have to stay in your place. A freshman girl cannot show up at a junior party; disgusting 14-year-old girls with their boobs in the air cannot show up at your party going' -- her voice turned breathy -- 'Uh, hi, where's the beer?'

Wiseman wanted to know why Zoe couldn't show a little empathy for the younger girls.

'No matter what you say in your talks and your little motivational speeches, Ros, you are not going to change how I feel when little girls show up in their little outfits at my party. I mean, I don't always get mad. Usually I don't care enough about freshmen to even know their names.'

Wiseman rolled her eyes.

'Why would I know their names? Would I go out of my way to help freshmen? Should I be saying, ''Hey, I just want you to know that I'm there for you''? Would that make ya happy, Ros? Maybe in some perfect Montessori-esque, P.C. world, we'd all get along. But there are certain rules of the school system that have been set forth from time immemorial or whatever.'

'This,' said Wiseman, 'is definitely a source of tension between us.'" --best part of that Girls Just Want To Be Mean article

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