Thursday, February 28, 2002

RANTBLOG: Fred Pruitt defends the term "warblog":

Rantburg is a warblog. It started out the evening of 9-11 as I obsessively started collecting things to try and make some sense of what had happened. I put it on Blogger at the beginning of November because it had some neato features that I didn't have the time to write into my own software, only to end up taking it off because of its reliability problems. I occasionally veer off-topic, usually because something is so laughably stoopid it deserves to be noted, but my primary focus is and will remain terror networks and their mechanics. It's a big enough subject to take too many hours out of my day that should be devoted to work, talking to the Little Woman or doing whatever else people do when not sitting in front of a computer - I'm not sure what that is, it having been so long.

This site wouldn't qualify as a warblog under Fred's definition, but I still think those of us who turned to blogging as a result of September 11th should be called warbloggers --it's what brought us here.

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