Thursday, February 28, 2002

SMART MULTIPLIER: The Rabbit answers a letter from a Hostile Geek in the form of a list of things that he should be doing better, or more of, and this list should probably be read and e-mailed around, as well as the rest of the post. I won't blog the whole thing but just most of Heather's response:

Are you afraid of having too much fun? I don't know. I think that chances are, like many dysfunctional young neurotics today, you are merely bad at:

1. Feeling vulnerable
2. Following
3. Giving up control
4. Waiting (in joyful hope)
5. Watching
6. Not saying everything that's on your mind
7. Not getting aggressive in order to push away your vulnerability
8. Feeling instead of thinking
9. Being in the moment
10. Not falsely manipulating a situation so that it adheres to your prior notion of what it should be

In other words, you would make a very bad disciple.

Or, say you stumbled on John the Baptist, ranting and raving in the desert. Would you give up your previous life, go with the flow, and follow him to the ends of the earth, perhaps selling grilled cheese sandwiches or whimsical leather bracelets to fund your trip?

No. You'd have his head on a platter.

You're nervous not only because you don't like feeling out of control, but also because you're imagining some kind of intense silver-screen-style interaction, and you're trying desperately to squeeze reality into this preconceived vision you have of How It Should Look/Feel. But life is far more intense than a movie, as long as you're able to let go and allow each moment to unfold as it will. Stop letting your neurotic mind strangle the life out of everything.


1. Yield
2. Let go
3. Follow
4. Stay open

And if you really want to seal the deal, I'd suggest pumping up until you have great big man-titties and an ass like a basketball.

I call her Rabbit sometimes because I can't always spell her last name. But I always look forward to her posts, which happen infrequently enough that you can follow them all.

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