Friday, December 13, 2002

I DO SO LOVE THE LINKS: Here's Lang Whitaker on Isiah Thomas's arrest:

People in Indianapolis are alleging racial discrimination was a factor in Isiah Thomas getting handcuffed last weekend in Indy. Hold up, wait a minute...regardless of color, let's say there's been a potentially fatal accident and a police car has been hit. Though the road is marked off and traffic is backed up, one car drives through the area the police have marked as off-limits. The car is pulled over, and the driver refuses to identify himself. No, really. So they cuff the driver and let him wait in the back of a patrol car. When the driver eventually says that his license is inside a briefcase, police check it and find it -- along with wads and wads of cash. When they ask the driver where the money came from, he says "I work for a living." So they call in drug-sniffing dogs to see what's up. I don't care what race the driver is, the whole thing makes sense to me. Then, add on the fact that we all know the Rev. Dr. Isiah is nuts, and I'd have cuffed him, too. Yes, racial profiling is a bad thing. But so is acting like an idiot.

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