Tuesday, December 10, 2002

PUTTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER: Lots of ex-UConn stars are reuniting for the Springfield Spirit of the National Women's Basketball League. I am unexpectedly and probably needlessly jazzed for the NWBL, despite not being the biggest women's basketball fan and having little chance of seeing one of their games on tv. The NWBL plays in the months before the WNBA season, like the ABL did but with a shorter, WNBA-like schedule, and seems to have a somewhat smarter business plan, like loading up teams with local players and actually putting franchises in women's hoops hotbeds, like New England and Tennessee. Maybe between the two of them we can have some quality basketball. Or some weird situation where we have two championships a year decided by the same set of players, who play on different teams depending on what league they're in. Which is the situation we are in but it won't be an established thing until both leagues can prove their solvency.

Hey--a page with lots of ABL info. And a creepy URL.

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