Monday, June 30, 2003

BLAIR HORNSTINE INFORMATION CLEARINGHOUSE: The Blair Hornstine project. Via Joanne Jacobs. And here's Moorestown grad Jonathan Last in the Weekly Standard. I'm a Moorestown grad myself but I just can't get worked up about this; it was a neat little scandal for a couple weeks but at no point did I have any particular insight into it. I asked my mom if she had any gossip and she said that Judge Hornstine's wife was very nice. My dad thinks the Judge--so humiliated at being salutorian in his high school--burned for revenge for the rest of his life and made sure his children would never suffer the humiliation of being second. The Judge, in my opinion, has done way too much for li'l Blair--one of the BH Project links has a story about him delivering food to shelter's on Blair's perhaps--proving that in parenting and everywhere else that evenhandedness is a virtue. There you go--the word from the Moorestown STREET.

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