Wednesday, June 04, 2003

NBA FINALS TONIGHT AT 8:30 EST, BAY-BEE: Your media rundown looks like this:

Bill Simmons: Nets in six.
Lang Whitaker: Spurs in six
David Dupree: Spurs in six
Mitch Lawrence: Spurs in a number between 3 and 8.
John Hollinger: Spurs in six.

I'd tell you what Tim Kraus thinks, but the office AI has banned all blogspot addresses (but not Blogger itself, curiously), including my own--so I'm blogging blind over here.

My pick? I'm going to be rooting for the Nets though I have no problem with the Spurs (kind of like my relationship with the Devils and the Ducks in the Cup finals). I think the Nets can win and they've certainly been playing like they want to win. And, when in doubt, go with the guy whose enthusiasm made me a better NBA fan. Nets in six.

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