Thursday, July 24, 2003

I LIKE THIS DEAL: Brad Miller to Kings--it doubles the chances of another Shaq-Brad Miller near-fight. Of course, Brad most likely won't be an All-Star again unless he somehow becomes more popular than Shaq and Yao Ming. But he's a great Shaq foil and a great fit for the team who hate the Lakers like no other.

Also in this deal: Pacers get Scot Pollard and Danny Ferry, Spurs get Hedo Turkoglu and Ron Mercer. Heeeeey--it's the whitest megatrade in NBA history!

Local reaction from the Indianapolis Star's Bob Kravitz:

If Walsh has his way, this will be the first of many moves this summer. "I'll try to make some moves," he said. But unless he's got Shaq-for-Croshere up his sleeve, or some similarly one-sided blockbuster, it's almost impossible to see how the Pacers can reduce the stench of the past 72 hours.

"Shaq-for-Croshere." That's funny.

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