Thursday, July 31, 2003

YES, BLAME IT ON JERSEY. OF COURSE: From Bill Jemas' conversation with Matt Hawes that Ike Perlmutter told Jemas to have as related by Rich Johnston:

That brings us to today's phone conversation. Mr. Jemas tells me that there will be changes coming from Marvel in the upcoming six months. First, he assures me that he will not be making the kind of comments he has made in the past. He tells me that he couldn't understand how people in comics could take things so seriously and that growing up in New Jersey he was raised to make fun of people as a game, and that he laughs such stuff off. He explained that he didn't understand why others do not do the same. I explained to him that comics fans have enough of others making fun of us, and that we should at least count on the publishers not to denigrate us. If we don't take ourselves seriously, I asked, how are others going to do so?

APPENDIX: Bill Jemas: Publisher of Marvel Comics. Ike Perlmutter: Owner of Marvel Comics. Matt Hawes: Comics retailer and gadfly. Rich Johnston: Comics' greatest rumormonger and news source ever; Drudge-like, if Drudge had some kind of coherent personality. There you go.

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