Tuesday, December 14, 2004

LISTENING TO NPR ON THE WAY HOME: They had this thing on about "orphan trains" from the turn of the previous century where thousands of orphans from the Northeast (New York, Philly and Boston were mentioned) were shipped out west to be adopted by farmers, or essentially forced into servitude by farmers depending on their luck. It just made me think of--you know--widespread human misery in living memory in this country, which we've been able to escape for decades now. Nothing more than that.

Anyway. Finals coming up:

Microbiology, Thursday the 16th: The one I'm least worried out because I'm pretty sure I'm entrenched in the A column.

Histology, Friday the 17th: The curve-based class where the class size is five people. I blew away the field on the first test but was mediocre on the second. I won't get below a B, but the A is the thing. That's true for this class and the next two.

Biochemistry, Monday the 20th: Iffy, iffy class. I have a 93 but you need a 95 to skip the final and not drop a half letter grade (in other words, if I tell my teacher I'm skipping the final I get a B+, no questions asked.) Part of me wants to take the B+ and focus on the next class; the other part thinks an A is doable, but dividing my studying time may kill my chances for an A in.....

Genetics, Tuesday the 21st: This could go anywhere, but like I said the chances of going below a B are minimal but certainly possible. I kind of think my chances are better at getting the Biochem A so I might just focus on that.

There you are. Spoil your Identity Crisis #7 reading here. Let me spoil it for you too: Apparently somebody at DC thinks it's real clever for one Silver Age superhero wife to kill another.

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