Friday, December 31, 2004

SO I'M WATCHING ANDERSON COOPER: And he's generally done a fine job with tsunami coverage, as has CNN in general, as you would expect they would do with a story with limited partisan angles--Fox's eyes have already glazed over, and MSNBC has to run their endless Abrams/Olbermann/Matthews block. But he's brought on poor Anna Kjellander's mother for the second night in a row and getting her talk about--in a completely restrained way, I grant you--how hard it is to leave whatever island she was without her daughter. Look--it just seems in poor taste to focus on the plight of one lost cute little girl when I can't believe she's the only lost cute little girl here--not even the only lost little white girl, which means I don't think they're playing a racial angle here either. I'm not sure how they picked Anna Kjellander out of what must be thousands of other similar stories. It's weird.

They're bringing out Jack Hanna next to talk about whether the animals knew something was coming and fled. Jack Hanna is by himself goofy, of course, but the animal angle is worth pursuing. Something about low-frequency waves, I've heard.

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