Thursday, December 02, 2004

OKAY. SO I DIDN'T COMPLETELY GAG: The interview went about as well as it could considering my ambivalence about medical school, and how weird it is to be applying for something as potentially all-consuming as medicine without being completely sure you want to do it, and how I have neither the ability nor the inclination to disguise my ambivalence. Aside from that, it went fine. I used complete sentences. I made eye contact. I removed excess nose hairs before the interview started.

The flaw with my application is this ambivalence. If not for that, I think I'd be all set with getting into one of my local state-supported medical colleges. If not for not really wanting to go, I'd have really a good shot at getting in. Or something.

The guy who interviewed me passed me on to the director of admissions, who seemed less concerned with my wishy-washiness so that may bode well. It would suck to get rejected. To get accepted would force me to make An Actual Decision--and that's not high on my fun-list either.


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