Monday, October 23, 2006

[1980] THE FORMULA: WOW this was a lot of nothing. So apparently you can get your 70s TV movie with your 70s TV script and your flat-as-a-pancake direction made into a feature if you have George C. Scott star and bring in Brando to chew the scenery three times. (Twice they're there together.) When it's not boring it's preachy--something about oil and corporations and amorality in big business. There's like one interesting scene where Scott and his companion go to this "pornographic club" in Germany where ladies dressed like the Rockettes dance in front of footage of Hitler. "Interesting" in the sense that it's the only time this movie does something not bland. (Besides the performances, I mean--Scott is always good and Brando is his usual mumbly hambone self.) Oh, and there's elephants running loose in the midst of a battle during a World War II flashback. A litle bit of goofiness that happens five minutes in and you can stop watching at that point. Stinky poo.

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