Sunday, October 22, 2006

BLOGGING THE FILMS OF THE 80S: You know--instead of letting this place go dark for months and months again, I'm just going to recycle my DVDVR posts for the Best of the 80s thing we're doing over there. That way, if you stumble across this place from some long-dead blog somewhere, or a random search or something (god knows "Slotman" is a popular name), you won't think I or the blog are dead. Plus this way everything will be in one place when I make up my best of the 80s list. They'll be short little film reviews for the most part--I don't have the time to go too far in depth--and this'll last as long as I can maintain my enthusiasm for this little project. The tags in front indicate the year of the film (we're starting right in the beginning.) Enjoy.

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