Sunday, October 22, 2006

[1980] MELVIN & HOWARD: Awwwww--this was really great. A feel-good movie where you don't feel manipulated into feeling good. Demme and Goldman really loved their characters, so they never get to the point where Melvin is just a lovable loser, or Mary Steenburgen is just a flake--they both get their moments to shine, or to be obnoxious, or stupid, and make bad decisions all on their own. There's times when I was afraid Paul Le Mat's acting was going to descend into "awww shucks" good-boyism, but he always pulls back. He's restrained and he plays it basically straight--Melvin gets the joke about himself but he also can't not be who he is (if that makes any sense.) The movie is restrained in a similar fashion. I really liked it.

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