Tuesday, May 14, 2002

CLIPPERS WATCH: So the Los Angeles Clippers are sitting around, minding their own business, trying not to be too bothered by the fact that --with the recent turnarounds of the Nets and Kings-- they are the last traditional pitiful franchise in the NBA out of the playoffs. And then comes this weird bit of rumor that Mike Dunleavy will pull his name out of the draft if the Clips get one of the top three picks. The hey?

By the way, that Pistons-Celtics 66-64 showcase of ineptitude? That was like a basketball game as envisioned by Ed Wood: everything done in earnest, everything failing horribly, yet strangely compelling to watch. If there's a Mystery Science Theater of sporting events, that has to be the first thing they do --because it wasn't bad and boring, it was hypnotically, charismatically bad. And thus very watchable.

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