Friday, May 10, 2002

MARK CUBAN WATCH: Somebody in The Washington Post got him talking:

"If the best story line we can come up with is Michael Jordan, shame on us," Cuban said. "With everything we've got going on, shame on us. If that's the best we can do, slap us in the head."

On a different note, Cuban encouraged fans here to bring noisemakers to Games 3 and 4 to out-duel Sacramento fans, who bang on cowbells at home games. Fans responded, mostly by bringing cowbells.

Cuban said the best barometer of the noisemakers' effectiveness would be if Sacramento Kings forward Chris Webber gets, "that I'm going to cry look on his face. Then you know the [noise] is doing its job. Either that or [girlfriend] Tyra [Banks] is walking out with Chris Tucker or somebody."

And Craig Sager interviewed Cuban and his guests, the Maloof brothers, during halftime last night. Nothing really of note there --neither party seems like they really want to hate the other. Despite all the cowbells.

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