Thursday, May 02, 2002

MARK CUBAN WATCH: The second MCW of the day: his chat today on ESPN. A few highlights:

George: Are you going to be shopping Michael Finley this summer? I feel he is expendable with your recent acquisitions.

Mark Cuban: (2:12 PM ET ) Hell no.
gokul (dallas): hi mark. congrats on the mavs making the second round. i believe they will beat sac in 6. and advance to face the lakers. might against the lakers, Might nelson refer to the hack a shaq again? whatever is being said about shaq's new free throw proficiency, its still the weakest part of his game. why not make him shoot 30 ft's a game? i'll bet u a million bucks he makes no more than 10 or 12.

Mark Cuban: (2:14 PM ET ) Nellie's job is to do what it takes to win. If its hack a Shaq, I'm all for it. Right now though all we have to do is get the refs to call him stepping across the free throw line and he has a big problem.
Noah(Phoenix): Mr. Cuban, since you have so much money, could you please take on the contracts of Penny Hardaway and Tom Gugliotta during the offseason? All we would want in return would be a conditional second round draft pick and some bubble gum.

Mark Cuban: (2:14 PM ET ) Want me to buy you lunch and a car too? :)
Tempo341 (DC): What is the next 'BIG THING' that I should invest in?

Mark Cuban: (2:14 PM ET ) Put your money in the bank and stay away from the stock market.
Rick (Austin): What has been the biggest thrill of owning a sports franchise?

Mark Cuban: (2:15 PM ET ) Besides all the great people, the best is running on the court after a game winning shot, and knowing the cops can't come and kick you off.
Anthony (Dallas): Are you in favor of the Hornets move to New Orleans? It doesn't seem like New Orleans could support another professional franchise - they have trouble with one. Why wouldn't the league force the owner to sell since he seems to be at the root of the problem?

Mark Cuban: (2:16 PM ET ) I havent seen the league report. After I read it I will make up my mind based on the data presented and nothing else

He also say the feuds with Phil Jackson and Shaq are "all in fun." Kind of like the chat, or watching the Mavs. Neat.

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