Friday, May 03, 2002

NOW THIS MAY BE GOING A BIT TOO FAR: Dirk Nowitzki: Time Person Of the Week. Yep:

Last week, Dirk Nowitzki led the running, gunning Dallas Mavericks into the second round of the playoffs. He put up, as the sports guys say, "Big-time numbers." Those would be: 100 points and 47 rebounds in a mere three games. He also shot 52 percent from the floor, made 8 of 11 from beyond the three-point arc and sank 32 of his 36 free throws, and graced the cover of Tuesday's issue of Sports Illustrated, his goateed face soaring up to the rim.

Suddenly, a league that's been desperately scouring the U.S. for its identity without Michael Jordan (Ohio high school junior LeBron James was on the cover of the aforementioned sports weekly a few months ago as the next Mike) may have found it in a bevy of European imports that are changing the way the NBA game is played. And so for fulfilling the promise of globalization, Nowitzki is's Person of the Week.

I mean, I loved watching the Mavs destroy the Wolves and meant to write a post after Game Three linking to every rundown on that series as I could find. But this Mavs-Kings series, it's already into overhype territory, and yet the hits keep on coming. It's a good thing that Dirk apparently never leaves his apartment, or he might be getting a complex.

Via the Lone Mavs Fan forum.

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