Tuesday, May 20, 2003

BOOTLEG SCENE VERY MUCH ALIVE: Though Boom Selection is gone, there's a link there to McSleazy's Get Your Bootleg On, which has tons of things to download and listen to. I found diNboT's page via there, and you should really listen to everything diNboT's got. The 50 Cent vs. Devo thing is really choice, and the Britney Spears vs. Wire (who?) is amazing--it's A Stroke Of Genius for the new millennium, I tell ya. Or A Stroke Of Genius for the new summer of 2003. Crazy fast-paced culture....

I love these bootlegs, and I love the fact that there's still an active bootleg culture--I was worried. Bootlegs are Bizarro-world pop songs and I hope we have this Bizarro pop radio for years to come.

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