Friday, May 16, 2003

HOW WILL YOU PREDICT MATRIX SEQUELS WHEN YOU HAVE NO MOUTH, MR. ANDERSON?: Watching Reloaded last night and sitting through the credits to get to the preview for Matrix 3 I realize my predictions are going to be dead wrong--there's no way Agent Smith was ever a proto-The One. Someone else (I forget where) suggested that the Wachowskis might be setting up something where the "desert of the real"--the scorched Earth, the machines, the baby farms, Zion--is another virtual reality. Which would explain (and here's your SPOILER) why Neo could kill a bunch of the rastabots by gesturing at them. Unless the machines are finding new ways to break into reality--the way Agent Smith apparently downloaded himself into a human--and thus Neo is as well. Or unless the Wachowskis are trying to make some point about, like, how can you ever really know anything, man, which would suck; I can't believe they'd destroy all the good will they built up with the first Matrix, which allowed them to get all philosophical and interesting in the second Matrix, by casting doubts on both realities and in a sense reducing the whole thing to Dallas, Season 8.

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