Thursday, May 15, 2003

MATRIX PREDICTIONS: Mark my words, Agent Smith is the Darth Vader of this thing, the badass villain who's more memorable than any of the heroes. And he's going to turn hero by the end of the trilogy. The Wachowskis are Star Wars geeks, they know what they're doing; they know Hugo Weaving had all the cool lines in Matrix I. And Neo isn't The One--the old lady told him so. Therefore: Hugo Weaving is The One. I haven't seen Reloaded yet, all I know is there's a bunch of Agent Smiths in it because he's got the magic ability to replicate himself now, so if they all get deleted I'm obviously wrong. But I'm thinking he's either The One or woulda-coulda been The One but got too tempted by the Machine and turned to relentless hatred of all things biological. But he'll turn back in the end ("My GOD! Agent Smith--he--he just hit that other agent with that steel chair! You could here the clank ringing off his cranium....") and save the day or assist in the day-saving. Yep. Spurs in 6, or Lakers in 7.

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