Thursday, May 01, 2003

FOUR GAME SIXES TONIGHT: That's a lot of opportunity for a lot of people to go fishing. That's like a whole fleet of schooners and whole lot of fish sticks afterwards. Will we have four series conclude tonight? Possibly:

PACERS AT CELTICS: The one most likely to end tonight, with Boston over Team Isiah. The Pacers don't look like they have a clue. I shudder at the size of the tantrum Artest might throw afterwards, or during.

WOLVES AT LAKERS: The other one most likely to end tonight. Poor Troy Hudson looks like he's finally cooled off, and the Wolves as a team don't look they'll be able to sustain the effort that got them Games Two and Three (and almost Four) again in this series. I don't know who you blame--when they were on the Wolves looked great. Blame Flip? I guess.

NETS AT BUCKS: The Nets aren't good enough to beat the Bucks in 6, methinks, and may opt to take a breather and pull away in the fourth quarter in Game Seven. That's the way the Nets like to drag things out.

SPURS AT SUNS: I dunno, I'm not putting this last because I'm definitely sure the Suns will win tonight--I just don't know what to predict. These teams could play in a 21-game series and go to overtime in the 21st game.

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