Sunday, October 10, 2004

FICTIONBLOGGING: I have the urge to turn this site into fictionblogging sometimes, even if I haven't done much of it. But at least then I wouldn't be completely tied to making points about politics or the NBA or what have you when I don't have any to make at the time. The effort to do fictionblogging is more, of course, even if its just stuff that feels like crap. But at least I wouldn't be making one-joke posts every day. Like this:

I love how Instapundit never ever links to Ken Layne anymore.*

See? A one joke post. But easy to make sometimes. Maybe we'll do an alternating series of one-jokes and fictionblogging and sports/politics stuff when the situation warrants. Plus half my fictionblogging impulses involve fanficesque nonsense that I'm sure nobody will appreciate. But at least I'd be putting that $125,000 education to use.

I dunno. Ask me when this crappy genetics test is done.

*Ken Layne link via Diana Moon, spunkiest Bush-hater on the Internets.

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