Sunday, October 24, 2004

SNIPPETS: Because it's late and I'm tired.

--Liberal media bias in action. The EM-ESS-EM refuses to report on all the good stories coming out of Boston.

--Related to that--and no longer making a cheap point--the death of Victoria Snelgrove was completely senseless. I mean, I think it's all part of the militarization of our police forces, a relationship turning more towards police viewing the citizenry like an occupying force and not like fellow citizens. Then again, her death was a total fluke. The "beanbag" gas-pellet whatsis that killed her hit her in the only place it could kill her, the eye. Then again, every report I've read suggests that 1. the weapon was fired wrong (at her head, not her chest; not that she was doing anything) and 2. the weapon didn't need to be fired in the first place.

Was it a classy move by Fox and the Red Sox to mention her before the game tonight? I don't know. They did it tastefully, and they probably had to mention it. So I guess--on balance--they did it with class. It's just--it's awful that the greatest comeback ever is now linked with the Red Sox and somebody's completely senseless death.

--Red Sox take game one in a good, back-and-forth game. If I possessed any deep baseball knowledge I could provide a better analysis.

--Boise State remains undefeated, as does Utah. The BCS dies this year--I predict it! Well, actually, Wilbon thinks it's the growing parity of college football that's going to kill the BCS, something I hadn't really noticed. But it probably is there, in signs like Penn State and Nebraska and Notre Dame being sort of average, and Rutgers having a good year, and Norther Illinois and Bowling Green and Miami of Ohio almost breaking out last year and Boise State and Utah this year.

--Diana takes shrillness to new levels.*

*"Shrillness" used with irony. As you could probably guess.

--Never mind about Rutgers--they got whooped by Pittsburgh today.

--They opened a Hooters in China and made all this noise about how weird it was to open a Hooters in the allegedly conservative culture there, but this is a culture that has no problem with prostitution at all, as long as it is kept underground and sleazy. So it's more of the Western/American forms of open sexual display that is the problem. Note that the Chinese Hooters girls were described as students looking to brush up on their English converation skills. This is a completely obvious point, of course.

--That is all. Full day of football 'n' baseball tomorrow.

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