Monday, October 04, 2004

RANDOM NFL NOTES: Because I sure did have the games on while I was studying today.

--Boy the 49ers stink. It's also interesting how the Rams seem to have a high degree of belief in Mike Martz, even though every non-Ram in the world thinks he's a loon.

--Roethlisberger wins again. Meanwhile Eli continues to ride the pine behind an Arena league veteran.

--Giants 3-1, Jets 4-0. Guess who's getting all the press, and making me remember why I loathe them.

--Today the Chargers crushed the Titans and the Cardinals crushed the Saints, two outcomes I did not expect. It must be so nice to be an NFL fan in Arizona, knowing there's always a zillion seats available and you can just cruise on there whenever if you feel like it.

--Eagles beat Bears and maybe I am just drinking the Philly media flavored sugar-water but it looks like this is their year. To reach the Superbowl anyway.

--The Byron Leftwich team almost beat the Peyton Manning team so I was almost happy with that result. I'll take the MAC guy over the smirking, useless pedigreed fratboy--the NFL's very own George W. Bush--any day of the week.

(Speaking of which, the MAC has really let me down this year, and I will probably have to shift my allegiance to the WAC, home of 5-0 Boise State. The destruction of the BCS is--as always--the most important thing.)

--How about post-concussion Favre calling his own number to get back in the Giants game? Crazy fella. In a good way.

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