Saturday, October 23, 2004

MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR HERE IN PHILLYVILLE, MUSICALLY SPEAKING: The WKDU Electronic Music Marathon. 78 hours of electronica, and--just like when I listen to the jazz station--I never know quite what I'm listening to, but I know I like it. Have a listen. It's just a shame I'm stuck at work all weekend, and the office computer police have banned all streaming audio and the four-block broadcasting radius of WKDU cannot penetrate the multiple layers of glass and concrete of my office tower so I can't listen. But I can fall asleep to the sweet beats this evening. And the car on the way in. Maybe I should drag in my giant 70s-era Magnavox radio/turntable in with me, a relic from the last days when a radio could also be a piece of furniture. Well, I can't do that.

But--yeah. I wish I knew a bit more about electronic music to know what I'm listening to, but I get the feeling that's the kind of music you'd have to join an actual "scene" to really appreciate, and probably at a young age as well. So I remain an electronica philistine.

Good night, oh Internet.

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